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Feather Extensions

Salons all over the country are now offering feather extensions. We are personally slammed packed with this latest trend. Before school began, Moms were dropping off their teens and having them feathered! Who would of thought any of us would be wearing rooster feathers in our hair, let alone feathers.  Just another new trend that someday we'll look back and tell our latest generation what WE were putting in our hair.

With American Idol judge Steven Tyler wearing feather extensions on TV and pop icons like Hilary Duff wearing them everywhere demand is only getting crazier.

The Disaster in Japan

Our hearts are breaking for the people in Japan.  Such a horrible tragedy and it reminds us that we are never guaranteed tomorrow. As we hold the ones we love closer, let us remember to take care of ourselves too. 

Our Team

At The Beach House Tanning & Salon we like to think of ourselves as a team. We understand that together we are stronger and better. We understand the concept and that's why you as a client, gather a warm feeling when you walk into our shop.

We want you to be happy and convinced that The Beach House Tanning & Salon is where you should be for ALL of your services.

With the economic down fall,  people are working more than ever to make ends meet. Because of this, we've kept our prices low and our services under one roof.

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