Beach House Tanning and Salon all the tanning beds you need to get the tan you desire.
12 minute Pacifica level 3
 A brilliant combination of high-pressure facials, and tanning technology that takes tanning results to the limit with the 12 minute tan, the Pacifica is equipped with surround sound stereo system. Environmentally friendly electronic ballast power source. Extra large, comfortable tanning surface. Monthly memberships starting at $29.99 per month*

8 Minute Stand-up level 4
The Super Cyclone HP 220 advanced speed tanning booth will give you a deep, dark, fast tan in 8 minutes or less with zero tan lines. The Super Cyclone HP 220 has 50 Bronzing VHR / HP tanning lamps ! 22 MPH wind fan !! A maximum tanning time of only 8 minutes !!! Monthly memberships starting at $49.99 per month*

15 Minute Lay-down Level 2
This high quality system is designed to deliver an outstanding luxury tanning experience. This unit has been designed to blend elegance with a moderate budget. Built in radio & Cd player, built in fans, and comfort with a beautiful golden tan! Monthly memberships starting at $19.99*