Mystic Tan, even the celebrities are doing it.Mystic Tan (Uv free spray tan)
What is Mystic Tan?
A mystic tan is a spray on cosmetic color applied to the skin using a private booth, a unique solution and is UV free. A mystic spray booth sprays a fine mist of enriched darkening agents that cover your entire body quickly and evenly which looks as natural as a base tan from the sun. Spray time is under a minute.
What should I do before I mystic tan?
Before visiting our salon to Mystic tan, it is recommended that you come in clean, with no make-up, perfume or lotions. Your skin should be free of any chemicals and other agents.
We recommend that you ex foliate using an oil free exfoliant to rid dry skin. 
What should I do after Mystic tanning?
You should wait a minimum of 4 hours before showering, sweating, or participating in water activities. Once the color has set, you can carry on with a normal day.  The longer you wear the Mystic tan, usually the darker you will be. Some clients sleep with the Mystic tan on their skin. This way, the product can deliver over night, and when you wake up WHALAAA! A surprisingly beautiful tan-
Moisturizing is the key to lengthening your Mystic tan. The more you moisturize, the longer your Mystic Tan will last. As nature has it-When your skin is dry, you shed skin. And when you shed skin, you shed your Mystic tan also. So moisturize!
You should stay away from lotions that have a lot of alcohol or perfumes in them. These products are harsh and can strip the color. We recommend using Mystic Tan body lotions because they are free of harsh ingredients. Never spray body sprays or perfumes directly on the skin. Doing so, can cause splotching. 
In conclusion:
Mystic Tan takes time to perfect. Please do not be discouraged if you make a small mistake.  Just ask us and we will tell you what to do next time, to prevent making the same mistake twice. The key to a great Mystic tan is following directions, listening carefully to tips and practicing it.  You will LOVE The Mystic Tan.